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/ World Obesity Day 2019

October 11th

What's happening?

World Obesity Day, which has previously been organised on October 11th, will give way in 2020 to the launch of a new World Obesity Day on March 4th 2020 to respond to the need for a global and unified voice to answer the critical challenges that lay ahead. 


This year, to mark the last World Obesity Day on October 11th, there will be many reports and activities including HOBS the Swedish Patient Association releasing a film for their Zero Tolerance for Weight Stigma Campaign, an obesity awareness  programme in Malaysia and the launch of a new report from OECD on the economic challenges of obesity. There will be a report on childhood obesity in UNICEF’s State of the World’s Children, and a Lancet Public Health comment on weight stigma in health systems. Obesity Canada will also be releasing a report on the results of the Canadian ACTION Study. 


The new World Obesity Day 2020 will help translate recommendations into policy asks and actions at global, regional and national levels, with October 11th 2019 being the first step in launching the transition into 2020.