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       Campaign Toolkit: 

                  How to get involved in advocacy

If you're in a position to do more targeted advocacy in your country or community, we have advice on how to go about it. Download our complete toolkit for everything you need.


We have created a set of infographics focused on the us of stigmatising imagery in the media; tailored to individual countries. Download, tweet and share.

          Scope E-learning

Our SCOPE e-learning promotion offers the 8 modules in our Core Learning Path at a discount. Over 30 modules on obesity management, authored by leading obesity experts, are available completely free from our e-learning platform, so don't hesitate to find out more. 

            Template Letter


Why not take advocacy one step further? Check out our template letter to media outlets! We've done the hard work for you and written a template letter which you simply need to add your details to and send to the media outlets (we have a list for them too!) in YOUR country. 

         External Resources​

We've collated a load of really useful links to external resources to help you learn more about obesity, and why we need to act now.

Download our logo!

We will be releasing a raft of imagery as we get closer to world obesity day. In the mean time, why not share our World Obesity Day Logo or our #EndWeightStigma Logo to share on social media?

       Use our FREE imagery​

Why not include some great FREE to download imagery in your posts about #WorldObesityDay? help us to combat weight bias in the media and use non-stigmatising imagery from our fantastic image bank.

               Press Release

Make the most of anything your doing for World Obesity day by issuing a press release and maximising  media coverage. At the back of our toolkit is a guide to writing your own press release - so take a look and get started!