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/ Recommendations for the Media

The mass media play a significant role in shaping and defining social perceptions of particular issues. With this in mind, the media have an opportunity and responsibility to ensure that reporting is accurate. In order to help end weight stigma, we call on media outlets to take a strong leadership role on this issue and adopt the recommendations below.



✓ Media should use positive images which accurately support their stories without exacerbating misconceptions about people with obesity

✓ Pictures of people with obesity should include their whole body, rather than specific body parts with the head removed

✓ Images that perpetuate stereotypes, such as people with obesity being sedentary, looking sad or isolated from other people, should be avoided

✓ Picture agencies and other suppliers of images should review the images they provide on obesity to ensure they do not exacerbate weight stigma

✓ Editors can download and use images from These have       been carefully selected to avoid reinforcing negative stereotypes about obesity.




✓ Use people first language

✓ Review style guides and adopt positive language about obesity and people with obesity

✓ Avoid the use of language that is derogatory or pejorative

✓ Use plain language to illustrate that obesity is a health condition

✓ Ensure reporting addresses the wider causes of obesity where relevant to the story and avoid the use of language that implies individual blame.